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About Me

My name is Chris Lawton and I live in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. I am a news reporter for a local TV station. However, like every other comic book fan in the world, my ultimate ambition is to write comics. You may have noticed that the art on this comic is kind of splotchy. That's because I'm a writer, who's trying to learn to draw. You should see some of the stuff I did earlier this year. In addition to numerous comic scripts, I also enjoy writing short fiction, plays and am currently working on a novel. But enough about dreams and ambitions, let me tell you a little more about me.

I love music. All types of music. I enjoy rock music the most, but I have been known to flip to the country or rap music periodically. I'd list my favorite bands, but that would clutter up the page. Let's just say, I have a diverse selection in music and love to debate why a certain group or song is awesome to the max.

Comics. I've been collecting comics, off and on, since the spry age of eight. Right now, I mainly collect DC, but I've certainly have my share of Marvel and Independents as well. I'm primarily concerned with the writing. I can enjoy any comic as long as the writing is solid. I'm a firm believer in the old adage, "there are no small characters, only small writers." Just look at what Geoff Johns did to the Rogues Gallery in Flash. He made them cool.

Video Games. I play them a lot. I have an X-Box, Gamecube and PC that continually pump out hours and hours of entertainment to my brain. I love them. I'll talk about them on my Blog a lot.

I think that's it. Yes, I think that about covers it.

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