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Webcomics (Which I'm sure you've seen)

    Penny Arcade - The best gag comic ever. Somehow manages to stick three or four punchlines in every strip. Brilliant.
    PVP Online - This is my favorite story-based comic. I really enjoy the characters, and the overall sitcom theme is awesome.
    Sluggy Freelance - I haven't read this one in a while. I enjoyed it, but somewhere along the way, the story slowed down a bit too much to keep my interest.
    Comic Genesis - These guys gave me space. Tons of great comics on there.


    The Underground - In my free time, I go to concerts at The Underground and maintain their webpage. Gamespot - For all your gaming needs.
    Comixtreme - This is the best message board on the internet. Ever.
    Comic Book Resources - I enjoy reading some of their columns. Erik Larsen's "One Fan's Opinion" is stellar.
    Game Revolution - These are the only reviews I trust before I buy a game. They're pretty dead-on.
    Mile High Comics - This is where I get my comic pull from monthly. This place is great.

Other Stuff

    KDUH - This is my place of employment.

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